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Annie Van Bebber
Founder/Editor In Chief

Annie Van BebberAnnie Van Bebber Annie Van Bebber is a recognized entrepreneur and authority on New Media and the Internet. Annie has the intuitive gift of truly knowing the consumer and has been at the forefront of media trends that have become a part of our culture. is the result of Van Bebber's dedication to a variety of social causes for more than 41 years, over the course of which she has literally raised millions of dollars for charity. A former member of the PTA, PTO and the Education Technology Planning Team, she continues to be devoted to a number of causes and charities including the T. J. Martell Foundation, the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund and She has also supported the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, RADD (Recording Artist Against Drunk Driving), AMFAR, March of Dimes, and Leukemia Society of America.
Van Bebber is well-known for creating revenue generating and brand building strategies as well as for masterminding award-winning websites and properties. As a founding partner of Attitude Network, she led its games site to highly-acclaimed, record-Internet-success status and was a partner in the award-winning, the premier culinary forum featuring celebrity chefs and recipes from around the world. She is an active member in the Association of Internet Professionals, Southern California Software Council and Woman in Technology International. Van Bebber currently serves on the Advisory Board of and is a former Chairman of the Board of the Computer Game Developers Association.

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