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Don't give up!  At A Loss?
Can't think of any fresh ideas for products to sell to raise money for your local cause? Does the thought of having to sell the same product to the same people as last year make you want to scream? Well, we have the solution!

Match the Product With The Passion

Think of how much more effective the volunteer salespeople in your organization would be if they were selling something they actually cared about! Successful fundraisers already know this. Why do you think the Girl Scouts sell cookies? Because every little girl already knows everything there is to know about cookies!

Featured Product #1:
Scrumptious Cookies Raise Big Dough!
Who wouldn't want to eat the most delicious, gooey, tasty cookies, when all they have to do is scoop & bake?
JustFundraising's Picks:
  1. NEW – Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough: 10 of the most popular gourmet flavors with ZERO TRANS FATS, including M&Ms, Chocolate Chunk, White Chunk Macadamia...
  2. Tizzy Treats: includes 19 items such as delicious cookie flavors, Auntie Anne's breads and pretzels, dessert bars and more!
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  • Free Shipping
  • No Money Up Front
  • Up-to 55% Profit Fundraising Tip: Sell even more by having baked samples on hand at your office, bake sale or busy event.
  •   Fundraise With Cookie Dough
    You earn up to 55% PROFIT like...
    Panthers Football of Flint MI: 30 kids sold 694 tubs ($7,550 raised)
    Hancock County Cross Country: 25 kids sold 756 tubs ($8,050 raised)
    Sell Cookie Dough Now

    Featured Product #2:
    Snackin' In The USA
    Featuring 24 different nut and snack items, this program has the best variety for your snack-loving supporters! Choose from Honey Roasted Peanuts, Cashew Halves, Sweet N Crunchy Trail Mix, pistachios, Gummy Bears, Peanut Brittle, Espresso Candies, Chocolate Covered Animal Crackers and many, many more! At only $7 each, most supporters will buy more than one.
    You Earn 50% Profit Free Brochures Free Shipping No Money Up Front
      Snackin USA
    More Snack Info

    Featured Product #3:

      Skratchers Scratch Cards:
    Quick, Easy, & Profitable Fundraising - Up To 90% Profit
      Compare With Other Fundraisers  
  • 90% Profit - Why raise 50% profit with candy when you can raise up to 90% with Skratchers?
  • New and Unique - tired of candy? Skratchers offers a NEW, easy way to raise funds.
  • Quick & Simple - no order-taking or deliveries required. Collect your money on the spot!
  • Your Donors get More Value - $50 in coupon savings they will actually use.
  •   Scratch Card
    View Sample
    Each card raises $80 profit
    (30 kids X $80 = $2400 Profit)
      Tim Keese, Seneca Basketball...

    "This year, we raised more with Skratchers than we did last year with our chocolate bar sales, car wash and spaghetti dinner combined."
      More Scratch Card Info  

    Featured Product #4:

    Sweeeeeeeet Deals From America's Favorite Brand Hersheys!
    Don't Settle For Anything Less...
    ...Choose America's Most Popular Brands!
      Fundraisers You Can Count On!
    - Recognized Nationwide
    - Quality You Know
    - Up to 52% PROFIT!
    - Free Shipping!
       See Candy Bars
      Schools & Youth Sports Get Even More...!
    - Great Rebate Programs
    - Value Added Offers from Hersheys, Subway and Starbucks!
    - FREE Incentives and Gifts
       See Incentives

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