Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Victory Scratch Cards

A New Way To Raise Money And Awareness For Your Cause!

Victory Scratch CardsVictory Scratch CardsCustomized To Your Cause with your cause or group name and logo.

Thank Your Donor with inspirational quotes.

Each Card Raises $115 and costs only $15, so your cause makes $100 in profits on each one.

Special Offer of 15% FREE cards.

FREE Shipping and 30 day financing.

Find out more! Call toll free 1-888-440-4114, or email

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fundraising With America's Favorite Candy

Sweeeeeeeet Deals From America's Favorite Brands! Don't Settle For Anything Less... Choose America's Most Popular Brands!

Fundraisers You Can Count On!

- Recognized Nationwide
- Quality You Know
- Up to 52% PROFIT!
- Free Shipping!

Schools & Youth Sports Get Even More!

- Great Rebate Programs
- Value Added Offers from Subway and Footlocker!
- FREE Incentives and Gifts

For more information, see the... Candy Fundraiser Page.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fundraising with Cookie Dough

Scrumptious Cookies Raise Big Dough!

Who wouldn't want to eat the most delicious, gooey, tasty cookies, when all they have to do is scoop and bake?

Emma Lou's: 13 scrumptious flavors, including M&Ms, Chocolate Chunk, Hershey's, Reeses...

NEW - Elite Retreats: includes 6 delicious cookie flavors, pretzels, muffins...

Free Brochures
Free Shipping
No Money Up Front
Up-to 56% Profit

Tip: Sell even more by having baked samples on hand at your office, bake sale or busy event.

For more information on Cookie Dough fundraising, see the... Cookie Dough Page.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Skratchers Scratch Cards for Fundraising

Quick, Easy, And Profitable Fundraising- Up To 90% Profit

Click For InfoClick For InfoCompare with other fundraisers...

90% Profit: Why raise 50% profit with candy when you can raise up to 90% with Skratchers?
New and Unique - tired of candy? Skratchers offers a NEW, easy way to raise funds.

Quick And Simple: no order-taking or deliveries required. Collect your money on the spot!

Your Donors get More Value: $50 in coupon savings they will actually use.

Easier To Reach Your Goals: Each card raises $80 profit (30 kids X $80 = $2400 Profit)

For more information, see... The Skratchers Scratch Card Page