Monday, April 17, 2006

National Youth Sports Safety Month

National Youth Sports Safety MonthNational Youth Sports Safety MonthThe National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, Inc. (NYSSF) is a national non-profit, educational organization dedicated to reducing the number and severity of injuries youth sustain in sports and fitness activities. The Foundation is the only organization in the country solely dedicated to this objective.

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National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness Month

The American Social Health Association is recognized by the public, patients, providers and policy makers for developing and delivering accurate, medically reliable information about STDs. Public and college health clinics across the US order ASHA educational pamphlets and books to give to clients and students. Community-based organizations depend on ASHA, too, to help communicate about risk, transmission, prevention, testing and treatment.

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National Occupational Therapy Month

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) is the nationally recognized professional association of approximately 35,000 occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students of occupational therapy. Practitioners work with people experiencing health problems such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, cancer, congenital conditions, developmental problems, and mental illness. Occupational therapy helps people regain, develop, and build skills that are essential for independent functioning, health, and well-being.

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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Child Abuse Prevention MonthNational Child Abuse Prevention MonthPrevent Child Abuse America is committed to promoting legislation, policies and programs that help to prevent child abuse and neglect, support healthy childhood development, and strengthen families.

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National Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness MonthNational Autism Awareness MonthImproving the lives of all affected by autism. Autism Society of America (ASA) is the leading voice and resource of the entire autism community in education, advocacy, services, research and support. ASA, a chapter and member-based organization, is committed to meaningful participation and self-determination in all aspects of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. ASA accomplishes its ongoing mission through close collaboration with a successful network of chapters, members, supporters and organizations.

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