About Blogs...

There are many ways to communicate using the internet. One of the most exciting new ways is Blogging. Blog is a pretty unusual sounding word. What does it mean? Let's define some terms...

  • BLOG: (Short for "Web Log") A web site where users can post a chronological, up to date journal entry of their thoughts. It is a communication tool that can be very personal, or can create a community forum for an organization or company. The blogging community is growing at a terrific rate.

  • BLOGGER: One who writes journal entries for a web log. Because of the free form nature of blogging, bloggers frequently comment on other bloggers' observations and add their own insights.

  • BLOGOSPHERE: The shared intellectual space inhabited by people who create web log journals. It represents the community of bloggers itself and their collective voice. A media ecosystem.

Why Are Blogs Important?

Blogging is changing the way news is disseminated. Instead of a one way system where information comes from one centralized source like a TV newsroom or newspaper, blogs allow everyone to participate in sharing and discussing important issues. It's an instant way for individuals to address large audiences, and audiences to address individuals.

Blogs can be read on web pages, or syndicated through RSS feeds. This is a simplified version of a blog entry that can be viewed on desktop computers, laptops, handheld data devices... even iPods! Blog entries from dozens of different blogs can be gathered together on a single page, so the reader can get the information without having to even visit the blog's webpage.

Become A Blogger!

I'll bet you already have some ideas for articles for one or more of the blogs in the Fundraisers Blog Network... tell us about your cause or a successful fundraising campaign. Write a tribute to a person who inspired you to work for the cause of good. Let us know your thoughts and feeling about your volunteer work... We can't guarantee that we will post it in our blog, but we will be going through the submissions every day, and posting the best ones for the world to see.

Want More Information About Blogs?

See... NetLingo

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